Журнал международного права и международных отношений

2021 — N 4 (99)


Structuring of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the Field of Security and Defence — Vladimir Archakov

The Visegrad Group as an Actor in International Relations: Establishing, Institutionalisation and Foreign Policy — Tatsiana Sviantsetskaya

State and Development of Political and Economic Relations between Belarus and China — Dmitry Tkachuk

Initiatives of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Field of Cultural Diplomacy — Zhang Hongchao

Development of Political Dialogue between China and Germany in the Era of Strategic Partnership (2004—2020) — Bai Xuetong

US Policy towards Taiwan in the Context of Sino-American Relations in the Second Half of the 20 th — Early 21 st Centuries — Sun Junfeng

Diplomatic Nomenclature and Ranks during the Early Modern Period: Historiography and Research Perspectives — Dmitry Mazarchuk

Franco-Imperial Borderlands in the Context of Inter-European Relations in 1400—1415 — Dmitry Cherkasov

Belarusian Dissertations on Migration Issues — Andrey Selivanov


On Traditions and Innovations in the Matter of State Importance in the Era of Big Changes: Deeply and Competently — Alexandr Gurin, Mikhail Strelets


Evaluation of the Dynamics of Development of the Knowledge Economy in European Countries with Small Open Economy: Methodology and Empirical Analysis — Sergey Kharitonovich

Preferential Trade Agreements as a Factor of Transformation of the Modern System of Foreign Trade Regulation — Elena Garashchenko



Andrey Selivanov

Editoring Board:

Victor Shadurski (chairman)

Elena Babkina

Sergey Balashenko

Alena Douhan

Alexey Danilchenko

Ruslan Esin

Ludmila Pavlova

Anatoly Rozanov

Andrei Rusakovich

Sergey Solodovnikov

Oleg Starovoitov


The issue was prepared in cooperation and with the support
of the GCRF UKRI COMPASS project (GCRF UKRI ES/P010849/1)



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