Журнал международного права и международных отношений

2022 — N 1-2 (100-101)


The Jubilee Issue of the Journal of International Law and International Relations: Some Achievements So Far — Andrey Selivanov


International Security Law

Malicious Activity in Cyberarea as a Ground for Introduction of Sanctions: Theory and Practice — Alena Douhan

The Concept of Information Neutrality in the Context of Contemporary International Law — Nataliya Maroz

Implementation of the Preventive Function of UN Security Council Sanctions — Contemporary Challenges — Yulia Budnik

International Cooperation in Combatting Crime

Criminalising the Non-return of Cultural and Historical Goods under Temporary Exportation from the Republic of Belarus for Combating Illegal Trafficking in Cultural Property — Ihar Martynenka

Issues for the Participation of the Republic of Belarus in the Institutional Mechanism for Combating International Cybercrime — Marina Goloventchik

Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law

The non bis in idem Principle — Theory, History and Application in International Law and the Law of the Eurasian Economic Union — Venera Seitimova

International Space Law

International Legal Instruments on the Use of Outer Space in the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development — Ilya Adamov

Private International Law

International Standards as a Conceptual Framework for Improving Consumer Protection — Tatsiana Harupa

The Polish Law 2011 “On Private International Law” as a Potential Model for Improvement of the Relevant Belarusian Legislation— Natallia Maskayeva


The Evolution of the China’s Cultural Export Policy (2001—2020) — Shi Dandan

On the Development of the Chinese Tourism Diplomacy from the later 1990s to 2020 — Liu Xiangqian



Andrey Selivanov

Editoring Board:

Alexey Danilchenko (chairman)

Elena Babkina

Sergey Balashenko

Alena Douhan

Ruslan Esin

Ludmila Pavlova

Anatoly Rozanov

Andrei Rusakovich

Sergey Solodovnikov

Oleg Starovoitov

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