Journal of International Law an International Relations 

Journal of International Law and International Relations 2015 — N 1


International Law

International Private Law

«Conflict Law Regulation of Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Guardianship and Trusteeship at the International Level — Natalia Antsukh

Expropriation: the International Standard and Domestic Law — Aleksei Zenkov

International Organisations

Formation and Development of Institutional Mechanisms for the Eurasian Economic Integration — Vasili Holub

International Relations

Towards the publication of the 10-volume edition "The Foreign Policy of Belarus: a Collection of Documents and Materials" — Vladimir Snapkouski

Cooperation between Belarus and China (1992—2013) — Vitaly Voronovich

Germany in the Russian Foreign Policy in 2000—2012 — Yuliya Puchinskaya

Documents and Materials

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

International Economic Relations

Marketing Strategies of Transnational Corporations in the Globalization Process — Olga Malashenkova, Anastasiya Markvarde

«Free Economic Zones at the Modern Stage — Vyacheslav Ivanov, Marina Shupenko

«Agrarian Policy of the Russian Empire during the Witte — Stolypin Times and Its Lessons for Formation of Contemporary Food Policy — Elena Zelenskaya


English Summaries 

«Conflict Law Regulation of Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Guardianship and Trusteeship at the International Level» (Natalia Antsukh)

The article is devoted to the definition of modern approaches to legal regulation of separate family conflicts; to the consideration of the question about the Republic of Belarus accession to the universal conventions adopted under the Hague Conference on Private International Law; to the argumentation for developing new particular agreements at the regional level and the introduction of changes to the treaties on legal assistance in the family law sphere and to the identification of facts of government failing to fulfil their international commitments.

«Expropriation: the International Standard and Domestic Law» (Aleksei Zenkov)

The article deals with certain issues related to the international standard of lawful expropriation and its implication in domestic law. The author focuses specifically on the substance of expropriation as a concept within national systems of law and expounds its legal content. The regularities and specifics of regulating expropriation as a separate form of compulsory seizure of private property are revealed as well.

«Formation and Development of Institutional Mechanisms for the Eurasian Economic Integration» (Vasili Holub)

The article covers the stages of formation and development of the institutional basis of the integration space of CIS member states, including the structure of the bodies, which ensure the operation of the integration structures, the procedure for making decisions and the operating principle of their decisions and the presence of supranational elements in their structure. The influence of the integration space institutional basis on the integration processes dynamics is analysed.

«Towards the publication of the 10-volume edition "The Foreign Policy of Belarus: a Collection of Documents and Materials"» (Vladimir Snapkouski)

The article is devoted to the project completed in 2014 which involved publication of the 10-volume historical documentary edition «Foreign Policy of Belarus: a Collection of Documents and Materials», the first volume of which was issued in 1997 and included documents dated 1917—1922; the 10th volume covers the events between 2006 and 2010. This publication was prepared by the staff of the Department of International Relations of the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University, the Belarusian Scientific Research Institute of Records Management and Information Science with the support of specialists from other national institutions. The author who is one of the co-compilers and members of the editorial board of the several last volumes assesses the publication as an important event in historical science of the Republic of Belarus in general and historical and diplomatic research of Belarusian scientists in particular. The article contains the bibliographic data about all 10 volumes of the edition.

«Cooperation between Belarus and China (1992—2013)» (Vitaly Voronovich)

The importance of the long-term diversified cooperation development perspective between Belarus and China, the biggest and most influential country of Asia and the Pacific, is argued in the article. The author proposes periodisation and brief characteristics of the evolution in Belarus—China relations and assesses positive and negative results of bilateral cooperation and some favorable factors and limitations of the corresponding contacts.

Particular directions and bilateral cooperation projects as well as reasons for some correction of the current Belarusian policy along the Chinese vector are identified and theoretically and methodologically determined.  

«Germany in the Russian Foreign Policy in 2000—2012» (Yuliya Puchinskaya)

The character of cooperation between Russia and Germany to a great extent defines the image of contemporary Europe. The formation of the German direction in Russian foreign policy may be characterized as the shift between the ups and downs in the relations between both countries. The article considers the main directions of the Russian—German cooperation between 2000 and 2012. Basic approaches towards evaluation of the state and prospects of strategic partnership between Russia and Germany are given and some conclusions on possible directions for optimization of the Russian-German cooperation are made.

«Marketing Strategies of Transnational Corporations in the Globalization Process» (Olga Malashenkova, Anastasiya Markvarde)

The article is about modern global market entry strategies of corporations on the micro level. The current state of globalization is far from the disappearance of the national borders and barriers. The authors analyze how companies can use globalization advantages to internationalize their business operations and set up their business abroad.

«Free Economic Zones at the Modern Stage» (Vyacheslav Ivanov, Marina Shupenko)

An analysis of the Belarusian free economic zones development dynamics in 2009—2014 is conducted in the article using the statistical data on the number of indicators identifying economic development of zones, their contribution to the Republic’s export increase, foreign investment attraction as well as the adaptation to changing economic conditions. Given the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union and the changing economic reality the relevance of this paper is well-founded. The conclusions may be used by free economic zones administration, foreign partners and governmental bodies in order to take the appropriate decisions.

«Agrarian Policy of the Russian Empire during the Witte — Stolypin Times and Its Lessons for Formation of Contemporary Food Policy» (Elena Zelenskaya)

The growth of the global aggregate food demand, the changes in trade policies of the leading agricultural countries of the world, global environmental problems, etc. brought forward the problem of food security in contemporary world. The lessons of the former successful agrarian reforms could be useful in its effective solutions.

The article explores priority directions and the mechanism of the Witte — Stolypin agrarian reform implementation in the Russian Empire in the late XIX — early XX centuries. The possibilities of using their lessons in the formation of modern food policy are analyzed. The prospects of application of the early twentieth century experience to avoid numerous pitfalls in the planning and implementation of modern agricultural policy are considered, as well as providing mechanisms of its adaptation to dynamically changing conditions of external and internal environment.


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