Journal of International Law an International Relations  

2017 — N 1-2 (80-81)


international humanitarian law

 Legal Protection of the World Cultural Heritage: International and National Aspects — Igor Martynenko

international courts

 Priority, Direct Applicability and Direct Effect of the Eurasian Economic Union Law — Alexei Ispolinov

international migration law

 Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus — Alexander Fedorako

law of international treaties

 International Legal Regulation of the Institute of Amendments to International Treaties: Contribution of the International Law Commission — Yaroslav Budnik

interantional private law

 Trade Secrets Protection in the Law of the European Union — Oksana Makarevich, Marina Denisenko


 Genesis and Development of Political Relations between the Republic of Ecuador and the Republic of Belarus (1993—2016) — Fernando Guzman, Alexandr Chelyadinsky

 Belarus-Vatican Relations: the Dialogue for Peace — Edmund Yarmusik

 The European Union TAСIS Programme Implementation in the Republic of Belarus in 1992—2007 — Valeryia Kedich

 Political, Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the State of Israel in 1992—2015 — Kanstantin Shykh

 Features of the Belarusian Diaspora Formation in Russia — Denis Taras

 Evolution of the EEC/EU Policy towards China: the Main Stages — Olesya Rubo

 The Problem of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in the Policy of the Arab States in 2002—2005 — Hanna Maskalenka

 Belarusian Studies Formation in Great Britain within the Context of Belarusian-British Relations (the Second Half of the XX — Beginning of the XXI Century — Nastassia Dudzko

 Culture as a Foreign Policy Tool of the Republic of Turkey — Zafer Eldem


 Features of the «Dutch Disease» Manifestation in the Economies of Norway and Russia — Viacheslav Perepelkin, Еlena Perepelkina

 Eco-Innovative Development of the European Union Member States: Trends and Implementation Mechanisms — Ekaterina Botenovskaya, Ekaterina Bychkova

 Analysis of the Integration Effects’ Impact on the Evolution of Industry and Industrial Policies of Member States within the Process of the Eurasian Economic Union Development — Vasili Hurski

 Belarus — China: Trade and Economic Cooperation within the Context of Implementing the ''Silk Road Economic Belt'' Strategy — Yao Jiahui

 Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Integrated Evaluation of the Ecotourism Development Trends and Effects — Olga Mozgovaya



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