Intellectual quiz for school students of Minsk gymnasiums on FIR BSU

The event was attended by representatives of 5 Minsk gymnasiums: ## 12, 30, 32, 36 and 146, Each of the gymnasiums formed one team of 6 high school students to participate in the intellectual game.

Deputy Dean Andrey Selivanov of FIR BSU opened the event. He stressed the importance of these issues and highlighted the role of young people in shaping the modern world view.

Andrey Selivanov was also supported by Svetlana Dubinko, head of the Department of English of Economic specialties, who addressed the participants in English. She sincerely wished all high school students good luck in the upcoming competition and expressed the hope that such events will be useful not only for students but also for adults.


Ekaterina Novitskaya, a PI specialist of the INA “Evolutio”, told the students about the main aspects of UNHCR's work in Belarus, the activities of the INA “Evolutio” and held a small master class on stereotypical perceptions of migrants, refugees and stateless persons. In addition, Ekaterina paid attention to the importance of correct terminology while working with migrants, refugees and stateless persons.

The quiz itself was conducted by an assistant of the INA "Evolutio" Dmitry Belko. The game included various topics: facts about refugees, music tour with famous refugees, film and show business questions, issues related to the UNHCR, its activities and mandate, etc.

The winner team was the Gymnasium #32, which received the board game "Imaginarium" as their prize.


Speaking at the closing ceremony, UNHCR programme assistant Ekaterina Maslakova thanked all participants for their activity, noting their erudition. On behalf of UNHCR in the Republic of Belarus, she expressed confidence that such events are an important supplement to UNHCR's policy of informing the population about refugees and stateless persons and highly appreciated the level of the event.

The winners of the quiz, as well as the victor of the photo contest in Instagram, were awarded prizes from the UNHCR office in the Republic of Belarus.

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