Press-briefing for journalists of Brest and Brest region

On May 16 the INA "Evolutio" organized a press-briefing for journalists of Brest and Brest region on the topics of refugees, migration and cross-cultural issues.

UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Belarus, Jean-Yves Bouchardy participated in the press-briefing. The focus of the event was on statelessness. Legal adviser of the UNHCR Office in the Republic of Belarus Timofey Solodkov presented this topic to the representatives of mass-media. The participants of the event had the opportunity to ask their questions to the representatives of the UNHCR.

The event was attended by representatives of the teleradiocomapny "Brest", the newspapers "Brestski vestnik", "Zaria", "Kobrinski vestnik", "Golas chasu" and "Rayonnie budni".

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