Informational meeting with the students of Brest State University named after A. Pushkin

The INA "Evolutio" in the framework of cooperation with the UNHCR hold informational meetings with the students of the law faculties and legal clinics of the regional universities of Belarus. On April 18 such kind of event was organized in Mogilev

Jean-Yves Bouchardy, UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Belarus, Viktor Shadursky, Head of the Observation Board of the INA "Evolutio" and Dean of the Faculty of International Relations of BSU, and Ludmila Sheraizina, head of the legal clinic of the Brest State University named after A. Pushkin, spoke at the opening ceremony.

J.-Y. Bouchardy noted the importance of informational meetings with students, stressing the relevance of these topics for future lawyers. L. Sheraizina expressed hope for further cooperation of the legal clinic with UNHCR in organizing joint events. V. Shadursky cited examples, which only confirmed the importance of such issue as statelessness, and expressed confidence that the meeting would be useful and interesting for students.

Legal adviser of the UNHCR Office in the Republic of Belarus Timofey Solodkov told students about the UNHCR mandate and the priorities of organization in Belarus and in the world.

The legal adviser of the Brest office of the Refugee Counseling Service Anastasia Shkutko explained to the students the legal aspects of the concept of “refugee”, the situation with refugees in Brest region and spoke about her work in the Refugee Counseling Service.

Then Ekaterina Novitskaya, a PI specialist at the INA “Evolutio”, presented the activities of our organization in an interactive form, and also introduced students to the basic terms on the issues of refugees and statelessness.

The event ended with an intellectual quiz-storm for students on such topics as tolerance, forced migration, statelessness and the mandate of UNHCR. The game was held by Dmitry Belko, the INA "Evolutio" specialist. The winners were the team “No name”, which consisted of Anna Kotovich, Elena Pavluchuk, Maxim Kiselev and Vladislav Adamchuk. 


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