Fourth day of the II Summer School on Refugee Law

Today our participants had the most practice-oriented day: from the very morning till evening students were involved in simulation game Moot Court - model of the court room.

Every student has become the participant of one of three cases, connected to granting of refugee status or subsidiary protection. In the framework of each of the cases, two groups were formed: the first represented Department for migration while the second represented lawyers.  The aim for both Department and lawyers was to convince High Court represented by Egor Basaliga, UNHCR Belarus, and Anna Bystrova and Ekaterina Korobeiko, Refugee Counseling Service, that their solution of the case is the most right. Department for migration (prosecutors) provided arguments in favor of the deportation, while lawyers (defenders) oppose this move.

The theme of the first case was the change of religion and possible prosecution after it. All the process of case discussion was acco.mpanied by hot debates, yet by the opinion of the High Court representatives of lawyers Anastasia Verbanovich, Elizaveta Shirkevich, Anastasia Rusak and Roman Guznenok were named victorious.

The second case was dedicated to the conventional basis of the "political opinion". Both sides provided strong arguments in support of their positions, trying to pursue the letter of law. Department for migration, consisted of Alina Artiushevskaya, Polina Maslenkina, Kristina Hudik and Kristina Tatueva was recognized more persuasive.

The principal idea of the third case was social identity. Both defenders and prosecutors did their best, providing most solid proofs. After long discussions High Court supported the solution of the lawyers, who were Diana Sautina, Anna Kotovich, Andrei Suleikov and Marina Panovitsina .

After the end of moot-court students together with Zoya Golovneva and Alexandr Yatsenko, UNHCR Belarus, concluded the simulation and analyzed how the knowledge gained throughout the Summer School can help in the future.

It was awesome!


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