Journal of International Law and International Relations

2022 — N 3-4 (102-103)


International Security Law

Legal Status of Sanctions Introduced in Response to Malicious Activity in Cyberarea Alena Douhan

International Private Law

A Landmark of the Conflict of Regulation Laws in Modern Conditions of GlobalisationElena Leanovich

Human Rights

Intergenerational Justice in the Context of Human Rights and Global Climate Change in the Foreign Judicial Practice — Anastasiya Ihnatovich


Russia’s Policy towards the United States during Vladimir Putin’s Third Presidency: from «Reset» to a New Confrontation — Alexandr Kosov

U.S. Policy Regarding Post-Soviet Integration in the Context of the Transformation of Presidential Foreign Policy Doctrines in 1991—2022 — Evgeniya Matsulevich

«Wolf Warrior» Diplomacy and Public Opinion: Sino-US Relations in 2020—2022 — Ivan Varivonchik

Sino-American Political Relations in 1969—1993 — Li Meng

Development of Humanitarian Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Belarus in 2005—2013 — Sun Shengzi

The Role of Confucius Institutes in the Development of Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in 2003—2022 — Zhang Hongchao

Implementation of China’s Interests during of UN Peacekeeping Operations in Africa — Jiang Yumeng

On the Conceptual Foundations of China’s Foreign Policy during the Presidency of Hu Jintao — Zhou Lezheng

Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Belarus in 1992—2012 — Hwang John Hwa

Concept of Moldovenism in the Republic of Moldova (1989—2009) — Nikita Kosyak

Muslim Diaspora of Ireland: Looking for New Identity — Igor Kotlyarov, Pavel Patapeika


Impact of the Trade War between the United States and China on the Development Indicators of the Republic of Belarus — Kou Xinxian

Study of the Development of Views on Theories of Labour Migration — Zhuansun Qiaochu



Andrey Selivanov

Editoring Board:

Alexey Danilchenko (chairman)

Sergey Balashenko

Alena Dastanka

Alena Douhan

Ruslan Esin

Ludmila Pavlova

Anatoly Rozanov

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Sergey Solodovnikov

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