РЕЗОЛЮЦИЯ, принятая моделируемым органом


Expressing grave concern in regard to the sharp aggravation of political, social and religious tensions in many conflict areas around the globe that has led to recent outbreaks of violence and terror,

Alarmed by the fact that thousands of people in war-torn countries are facing social, ethnic or religious persecution which the authorities are often unable to control due to the depth of conflict and social affectation,

Emphasizing the rights established in the Human Rights Charter and in the Convention on the Status of Refugees (1951) as well as in other merging documents,

Being aware of the growing number of asylum seekers originating from conflict areas who are refused to enter the member countries of the European Union,

Seeking a way to mediate admission of the above mentioned refugees in accordance to the letter of the Human Rights Charter and the Convention on the Status of Refugees, as well as to improve the international cooperation in regard to the growing number asylum seekers from conflict areas,

Realizing that many countries lack the welfare capacity needed to harbour asylum seekers unless provided with sufficient external funding,

The Security Council:

1. Decides to place all the asylum seekers into refugee reception centers on the border of Belarus and Poland granting them temporary protection for a 6-months period; During the period the status of a refugee is to be given to those who comply with corresponding norms of international law and the right to enter the EU is to be granted to them;

2. Proposes to EU countries to provide with financial support the camps organized at the present location of asylum seekers and appeals to the international community to join EU in this action;

3. Suggests to establish a position of an observer competent to refugee policy like UNHCR at the cross-border situations in order to help Belarus authorities deal with the matters not covered by the Belarusian legislation;

4. Directs the Global Commission on International Migration to establish a temporary humanitarian mission on the border of Poland and Belarus to assist Belarusian authorities in accommodating asylum seekers who were refused to enter Poland.

UN Model 2004

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