Quiz-storm for students on issues on refugees, statelessness, tolerance and cross-cultural issues

On 21 December 2021, the Evolutio organised the Quiz-storm for students of legal clinics on refugees, statelessness, tolerance and cross-cultural relations issues.

9 teams from Belarusian universities, as well as the team of the winners of the student scientific contest. The participants were students of the Faculty of International Relations and the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University, the Belarus State Economic University, the BIP - University of Law and Social Information Technologies, Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin, Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, Gomel State University named after F. Skaryna, Grodno State University named after Y. Kupala, Polotsk State University. The teams consisted mainly of students participating in the legal clinics of their universities.

Mulusew Mamo, the UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Belarus and Andrey Selivanov, Executive Director of the Evolutio had welcome speeches. They paid attentions to the importance of knowledge of these issues and wished the students good luck.

Timofey Solodkov, Protection Officer at the UNHCR Office in Belarus, and Anna Bystrova, Legal Adviser at the Refugee Counselling Service, discussed with the students and heads of legal clinics on the prospects of cooperation and possibilities of providing assistance to persons of concern to the UNHCR.

The quiz was divided into 7 sets on the issue of refugees and statelessness. Topics included general questions on migration and refugee issues, the history of refugee issues, UN and international organisations activities, international refugee law, refugee issues in Belarus etc.

The winner was the team of the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University (Zherdetskaya Alina, Ivanov Nikita, Merzlova Victoria, Ostapchuk Radmila Semenovich Sofia). Second place received students of Belarus State Economic University (Blagun Yulia, Govich Andrey, Mamekin Daniil, Mamchekno Elena, Tsehnovetskaya Veronika and Yazykova Nikita). The struggle for the third place ended with the victory of the BIP — University of Law and Social-Information Technology team (Polina Volosevich, Anastasia Govorko, Veronika Gubchik, Alina Zhorova, Marina Mozhayko and Valeriya Yakubovskaya).

Winners received prizes in the form of board games to bring their creative teams even closer together, and all participants received souvenirs from UNHCR and themed calendars for 2022.

Thanks to the UNHCR for supporting the event and congratulations to the winners!


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