Журнал международного права и международных отношений

2020 — N 1-2 (92-93)


international private law

pdf The Law Applicable to the Obligations Arising Out of Unjust Enrichment in the Republic of Belarus and Foreign States — Natallia Maskayeva

pdf Enforcement in Belarus of Interim Measures Granted by International Arbitration Court: Transition from Nominal to Actual Arbitration CompetenceDzmitry Babolia

comparative law — interdisciplinary research


pdf The Middle East and the Systems of International Relations: Principles, Timeline, TheoriesDzmitry Shavialiou

pdf  Economic Cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with the Visegrad Group CountriesOlga Lazorkina

pdf  The Problems of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia Foreign Policy Studies in BelarusAndrei Valodzkin

pdf  The Acquisition of a Nuclear-free Status by Belarus and Its Impact on Relations with Western Countries in 1991—1994Siarhei Kuzmich

pdf  Prospects of World Order in 21st Century in the Estimates of Henry KissingerOleksandr Burunov

pdf Evolution of Political Relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation in 2013—2016Wang Fa

«round table»

pdf Belarusian-Chinese Relations: Evolution and Factor of COVID-19Roza Turarbekova

pdf Prospects for the Implementation of the Belt and Road Project in the Context of Modern ChallengesAnton Dudaronak

pdf COVID-19: a New Opportunity for China to Strengthen its Influence in Central and Eastern Europe?Olesya Rubo


pdf  Eurasian Economic Union Cooperation with Third Countries: Contemporary ChallengesNatalia Skirko, Mikita Keino

pdf  Digitalisation of the German EconomyEkaterina Botenovskaya, Daria Naumova

pdf  The Transition of Economy from Analogue to Digital in the 21st Century by the Case of the Republic of KoreaOh Doc Hee, Gil Kyung Sook



Andrey Selivanov

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