Журнал международного права и международных отношений

2021 — N 1 (96)

to the memory of Oleg Kravchenko

Oleg Kravchenko: a Man of Credit, Diplomat and PatriotVladimir Makei

Oleg Kravchenko: photos

Memoirs of Colleagues


international treaties law

Belarus — European Union: an Inevitable Sovereign Partnership in the Face of ImminentOleg Kravchenko

international courts

Specificities of Judicial Control of Supranational Court on the Example of the Court of the Eurasian Economic UnionKonstantin Chayka

international migration law

Actual Issues of Improving the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless PersonsAlexander Fedorako


Geopolitical Transformation of Central and Eastern European Countries at the End of the 20th — Beginning 21st Century: Ideas, Goals, RealityLeonid Gaidukevich

Belarus-Kazakhstan Cooperation in the Scientific and Technical Field in 1991—2019Elena Alexandrovich


Evolution of Export Strategies of Universities on the Global Market of Educational ServicesAlexander Zhuk, Alexey Danilchenko

Transformation of Industries in the World Economy under the Influence of Digital TechnologiesKatsiaryna Staliarova

Green Financing as a Factor of Sustainable Development: Global Trends and Prospects in the Republic of BelarusLudmila Filippova

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Key Factors Assessment in Tourism Competitiveness of the Republic of BelarusTheoretical and Practical Aspects of Key Factors Assessment in Tourism Competitiveness of the Republic of BelarusOlga Mozgovaya, Vladimir Smoley



Andrey Selivanov

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