The Contest of Art Works "Refugees and Statelessness"

INA "Evolutio" reminds about the contest of creative works "Refugees and statelessness", which is held jointly by the INA "Evolutio" and the UNHCR!
On the occasion of the contest, the INA "Evolutio" prepared a promotional video about the contest, which contains all the key information about it!

Competition nominations:
- a prototype of an information campaign to cover the problem of refugees and statelessness;
- poster / photo work / photo poster;
- graffiti sketch / drawing.

Winners of the competition will receive cash prizes of up to 1000 Belarusian rubles, and the best works can be used by the UNHCR to cover refugee and statelessness issues in Belarus and around the world!

Applications and works are accepted until 1 October 2020!
More info on our website:

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