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50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Outlook for Belarus (rus)

The report "50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Outlook for Belarus" was prepared within the framework of the UNDP project BYE/97/008 "Establishing of a Centre for UN Studies". The project has been implemented since 1998 by the UN/UNDP Office in Belarus and Belarusian State University with the financial support of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Responsibility for the views expressed in this report should be attributed to the authors only; such views do not necessarily represent the opinions or the policies of the United Nations, UNDP, Government of Belarus, or the institutions, with which the authors are affiliated.

The edition is not protected by copyrighted and may be reproduced without prior consent of the UNDP, provided the source in acknowledged.

Popular Library of Human Rights (rus)

"Popular Library of Human Rights" was prepared by the UN Office in the Republic of Belarus (in the framework of the UNDP/UNHCR/BSU "Centre for UN Studies"). It concerns some human rights issues that are under careful consideration of the international community or are of particular interest. The renewal of the materials was carried out by the UN Office in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the specialists of the International Non-governmental Association for UN Studies, Information and Educational Programmes (Now — “Evolutio”).

"Popular Library of Human Rights" is meant for the widest circle of readers; its aim is to promote a better understanding of human rights and to familiarize the readers with the existing international mechanisms for their implementation. "Popular Library of Human Rights" is distributed free of charge. The included materials can be copyrighted without permission but with the corresponding reference.

Human Rights and Law Enforcement (rus)

Manual to inform the law enforcement employees on human rights issues (pdf).

International Human Rights Standards for Law-Enforcement (rus)

Pocket book on human rights issues for law enforcement employees (pdf-format).


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