Seminar for MUN organizers

On 10—11 September 2020 г. INA "Evolutio" in the framework of the joint project with the UNHCR Office in Belarus held a seminar for MUN organizers.

Representatives of the Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, Yanka Kupaka Grodno State University, Fransisk Skorina Gomel State University, Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University and Brest State A. S. Pushkin University participated in the event.

A seminar was launched with the opening speeches from the head of Observation Board of INA “Evolutio”, dean of the FIR BSU Victor Shadursky and the Executive Director of INA "Evolutio" Andrey Selivanov.  Victor Shadursky stressed the importance of the MUN conferences while Andrey Selivanov paid attention to the growing importance of this format both in Belarus and in the world, providing an example of FIR MUN, held by the INA "Evolutio".

The seminar continued with Victor Shadursky's presentation "The role of the UN in the modern world", in which he focused on the history and main contemporary challenges of the organization.

A. Selivanov told the participants of the seminar about the mandate and activities of the UNHCR in the world and in the Republic of Belarus, noting the traditional support that UNHCR renders to the FIR MUN.

An important part of the seminar was a practical block by the former Secretary General of the FIR BSU and now an employee of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ukraine) Elizaveta Zhuk, an employee of the INA "Evolutiо'' Dmitry Belko and Andrey Selivanov, where they shared their experience in organizing and conducting these conferences.

The second day opened with a discussion on the social life of students of higher educational institutions in Belarus, in which the participants of the seminar presented organizations, projects and clubs that exist in their respective universities.

The next part of the program was a presentation by Aleksandra Brezinskaya, organizer of MUN conferences in Belarus, on the importance of teamwork for organizing Models United Nations.

No less interesting were the lectures of Lyubov Lanina, coordinator of the Social and Creative Establishment "Developing Centre for efficient communication “Human Library", about SMM and Kristina Rzheutskaya, ex-chairman of the FMO BSU Student Union, about the importance of fundraising.

At the final stage of the event, the participants discussed the upcoming Model United Nations conferences in Mogilev, Brest and Gomel and agreed to work together in the future to create MUN conferences in all regional centers of Belarus.


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