Quiz-storm for students on refugee and statelessness issues

On December 14, INA “Evolutio” held an intellectual game – quiz-storm for students on refugee and statelessness issues. The event was joined by 30 students from different universities situated in Minsk. Among them, there were representatives of Belarusian State University, BIP – University of Law and Social-Information Technologies, Belarusian State Economic University, International University “MITSO”. The event took place in restaurant “Friends”.

Tanya Lyubimova, PI Specialist of the UNHCR Belarus, and Andrey Selivanov, Executive Director of the INA «Evolutio», took the floor with the welcoming speech. They underlined the importance of broadening knowledge in the questions of refugees and statelessness and wished all the participants interesting game and good luck.

The quiz was divided into 6 sets with various spheres, connected with refugees and statelessness. Questions included information about unobvious facts, essential dates in the history of UNHCR, about significant people and art-pieces connected with the topic.

As the result of the quiz, team of Belarusian State Economic University “Adepts of Themis” became the winner with 30 points score. The second place was taken by team of International University “MITSO” calling “RefugeYes”, scoring 25 points and had winning the last set of the quiz “Blitz”. The third place went to team of Faculty of Law Belarusian State University “UNdefined” with 25 points. The fourth and fifth place was taken by team of BIP – University of Law and Social-Information Technologies “Air” (23 points) and team of Faculty of International Relations Belarusian State University “International” (19 points) correspondingly.

All the participants were awarded with memorable prizes. On behalf of the organizers, we thank all teams for the participation and express hope to see each other on future events.



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