Journal of International Law an International Relations  

2016 — N 1-2 (76-77)


intrenational private law

html pdf Conflict-of-law Regulation of the Civil Status of Individuals in the Republic of Belarus (General Issues) — Natalia Maskayeva

html pdf The System of International Private Law Principles — Nicolai Oksyutchik

html pdf Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Foreign Bankruptcy Law Application in the Republic of Belarus — Andrei Skabei

intrenational migration law

html pdf Role of the International Organization for Migration in the Readmission of Persons Management — Svitlana Oliinyk

human rights

html pdf Protection of Artistic Freedom by the European Court of Human Rights in Accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights — Raman Maroz


html pdf Devoted to the Publication of a Four-volume Edition «Belarus in the Policy of Western and Neighboring States (1914—1991): Compilation of Documents and Materials» — Uladzimir Snapkouski

html pdf African Direction of Brazil’s Foreign Policy at the Beginning of the XXI Century — Svetlana Malaya, Alexandr Chelyadinsky

html pdf BSSR’ Participation in UNESCO Activities and Mentality of the Belarusian Society (1954—1964) — Svetlana Svilas

html pdf Beginning of a Dynastic Struggle in the Vasa House and the Attitude of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Aristocracy towards this — Alena Dzemidovich

html pdf Georgy Fedotov’s Geopolitical Views — Maryia Matsiusheuskaya

html pdf Formation of the Policy of Immigration Restriction in France (1974—1981) — Konstantin Snisarenko

html pdf The Russian Federation and Germany: Foreign Trade, Energy Policy, Business (2000—2013) — Yuliya Puchinskaya

html pdf Turkey’s Policy towards Azerbaijan in 2002—2009 — Igbal Abilov

html pdf History, Peculiarities and Prospects of Relations between the Swiss Confederation and the European Union — Ilya Zuyeu

html pdf Belarus—NATO Relations in 1991—2015 in the Belarusian Historiography — Volha Zhurauskaya

html pdf Federalism and Confederalism in the European Integration Aspirations of French Center-right Political Forces — Aleksey Grishel


html pdf The Functioning of Export Credit Agencies — Public Administration Bodies: Prospects for the Republic of Belarus — Alexey Danilchenko, Pavel Artsemyeu

html pdf Evolution of the Model of the Economic Development State Regulation in the Republic of Korea — Oh Dok Hee, Dmitry Kalinin

html pdf Strategy of the Republic of Belarus in the Sphere of External Migration: New Challenges and Opportunities — Uladzimir Zaharets, Iryna Zaharets



Andrey Selivanov

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