Journal of International Law an International Relations  

2016 — N 3-4 (78-79)


intrenational air law

htmlpdf Role of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Ensuring the Safety of a Civil Aircraft in the Situation of an Armed Conflict on the Territory of a State — Ludmila Pavlova

international economic law

htmlpdf Evolution of the Freedom of Services Movement Legal Regulation: from the Common Market to the Eurasian Economic Union — Yury Lepeshkov

international protection of human rights 

htmlpdf Significance of the Legal Practice of the Euro-pean Court of Human Rights in the Aspect of Implementation of the Principle of Proportionality between the Lawyer and the Court — Viktor Zaborovsky

international private law

htmlpdf Legal Regulation of Cross-border Labor Relations within the Framework of the Eurasian Economic Union — Ludmila Vedernikova

htmlpdf On the Conflict Regulation of Contracts on Rendering Medical Services on the Application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies — Victoria Shilko

documents and materials 

htmlpdf UNHCR Executive Committee Conclusion on International Cooperation from a Protection and Solutions Perspective (N 112 (LXVII) — 2016) (only Russian)

htmlpdf UNHCR Executive Committee Conclusion on Youth (N 113 (LXVII) — 2016) (only Russian)


htmlpdf Fidel Castro Phenomenon  — Alexand Chelyadinsky

htmlpdf Balance of Power and the Policy of Alliances in Italy in the Second Half of the 15th Century: towards the History of the New Time Diplomacy Formation — Dmitry Mazarchuk

htmlpdf Historiography of the BSSR Foreign Policy (1944—1991) — Alexander Gurin


htmlpdf Innovation Development Methodology in the World Tourism Industry — Leonid Davydenko, Dzmitry Yaltykhau

htmlpdf Formation of the Industrial Policy in Kyrgyzstan and Its Industrial Complex Reform Process from 1991 to 2015 — Vasili Hurski

htmlpdf The Food Problem in the Life of Modern Civilization — Оlena Zelenska

htmlpdf Socio-Economic Content of the Human Capital and Its Influence on the Economic Innovative Receptivity — Tatsiana Danilchanka

htmlpdf Key Trends of the International Hotel Industry Development within the Context of Globalization — Victoria Dedok



Andrey Selivanov

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